Mark Yarbrough
Limestone County Commission

Results for Limestone County

New Jobs & Higher Wages

Mark has delivered on his campaign promises to Limestone County, bringing nearly 7,000 jobs and more than $2 billion dollars in economic development to our community.

Transparency & Accountability

Chairman Yarbrough increased transparency, accessibility and accountability for Limestone County by making commission meetings available online.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Under Mark's leadership, the Limestone County Commission has prioritized the elimination of wasteful spending and pulled the county out of debt.

New, Efficient Facilities

The Limestone County Courthouse renovation project was recently completed to provide enhanced facilities for residents.

Better Roads & Bridges

Mark has worked to secure our fair share of money for roads and infrastructure from Montgomery, most recently to the tune of $5.6 million. 

Looking to the Future

Chairman Yarbrough is proud of the County Commission's accomplisments, and is running for reelection to build upon that success for our communities. 

About Mark

Chairman Mark Yarbrough was born and raised in Limestone County. A small businessman with deep roots in our community and with nearly 30 years of experience, Mark is a co-founder of All Power Construction, Inc. He and his wife of 31 years, Gina, are proud parents and grandparents.

Support Mark

Your campaign contribution helps Mark continue to provide steady leadership on job development and wage growth in Limestone County. You can mail your donations to Mark Yarbrough for Limestone County, P.O. Box 1413, Athens, AL 35612. 

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